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Providing current weather conditions and data.  Located in the Eastwood Community, North Eastern Indianapolis, Indiana
Last update for Weather Station: N9CXI - Indianapolis, was on Date: 12/14/18, at 08:22:11
The information on this site will be updated at approximately 10 minute intervals

Current Estimated Conditions:  Light Rain
Current Estimated Forcast:  Mostly clear with little temperature change.
Today's Weather fact:  The lowest temperature recorded in the world is -89.6°C (-129.3°F) at the Vostok Scientific Station in Antarctica on 21 July 1983.

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Current Measured Weather Conditions
Temperature 42.6°F (0.0)
High Today / Low Today 44.2°F / 42.2 °F Custom Gauge customgauge3.png
Dew Point
40.4°F (0.3)
92 (1)
Heat Index 42.6 °F Wind Chill 42.6°F (0.0)
Barometer 30.07 inHg (0.00) - Rising Slowly
High Today
Low Today
30.07 inHg
30.01 inHg
Rain 0.03 in Rainfall Rate 0.04 in/h (0.04)
Rain Storm
0.08 in in
Rain storm start
13 Dec 2018
Last known Rain Date
Today (0.03 in)
Sunrise Local/UTC
12:57 UTC
Sunset Local/UTC
22:20 UTC
Total Daylight Today
Sunrise Local/UTC Tomorrow
12:58 UTC
Sunset Local/UTC Tomorrow
22:20 UTC
Total Daylight Tomorrow
10 Minute Average Wind Speed and Direction
0 MPH (0)
Custom Gauge customgauge1.png
10 Minute Wind Gust Speed
1 MPH (1)
Custom Gauge customgauge5.png
Average Wind Speed Today 0.1 MPH Custom Gauge customgauge11.png
High Windspeed Today 7 MPH at 00:04 Custom Gauge customgauge10.png
Weather Graphs
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please let me know and I'll see what can be done.

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Live Weather Camera
Updated every 10 minutes
As new cameras come under testing please be patient while I make adjustments to the them!
Please feel free to send me your comments or question about this camera!

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Webcam is disabled in WeatherCat's preferences. No movie available.

This link will take you to a time-lapse movie of the last hours weather from the weather cam.
WARNING:  This is a large and often slow download, so please be patient!
Regional Radar Animation from Weather Underground

Weather Statistics History for WX Station N9CXI
Disclaimer:  This site is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon during severe weather conditions.
Please tune in to NOAA Weather Radio 162.55 Mhz (online use this link NOAA KEC74) for severe weather updates and alerts.
As always, use with caution, your milage may vary, may cause dizziness at high altitudes, possibility of information overload, become an amateur radio operator and join SkyWARN,
wear your galloshes and carry a stout umbrella, if you don't like our weather, wait five minutes, it will change, don't ignore the weather sirens, weather alerts, watches or warnings!
Take a Weather Spotter to Lunch!  Hug Your Weather Person!  If the weather happens to change, don't blame us, it's not our fault!  If the weather happens to change, and you like it, it's our fault!
For more information go to the NOAA National Weather Service Website
And when in doubt....... It's always best to go outside and LOOK!

Contact information for N9CXI, e-mail no longer available due to spammers, sorry about that.
Weather data produced by Trixology Weather Cat V2.44, Build 2 by Stuart Ball, this template by Thomas O'Nan
Data acquisition from a Davis Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station.
Computing Facilities are on a MacIntosh Mini.
Weather Camera provided by Thomas O'Nan in association with a university project grant.
Images collected at a rate of 1 frame every 4 seconds with viewing to the North unless otherwise specified.
Images processed by EvoCam in cooperation with Weather Cat.
For more information goto the N9CXI information site with this link N9CXI Weather Station
Please note, this is software that is still in Beta testing, I am assisting in that effort, at times
there may be some problems with the output to this site, so please be patient with me while I work on things.

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